Captain Clive Deasy & Chef Charlotte Faille are here to entertain, indulge and safely guide you wherever you may want to go onboard Constanter.

Clive Deasy

Your Captain

Clive simply loves sailing! Since switching from a career in architecture, this Irishman has cruised and raced sailing yachts all over the world. His spirit for adventure is infectious and he loves seeking out the exceptional, be it a remote island anchorage, a hidden gem of a restaurant or bar onshore, a cultural city hotspot or a pristine sandy beach.

With Clive at the helm, you can be guaranteed your time on Constanter will be safe, fun filled and balanced.

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Charlotte Faille

Your Chef

After living in Barcelona and working in the music industry for two years, I decided to jump on a boat and sail across the Atlantic. I soon fell in love with sailing and was introduced to the yachting industry. I spent two seasons racing and crew cooking on a classic sailing yacht around the Caribbean and New England. I've since moved back to the Mediterranean and have worked for the past year onboard Constanter. I am curious and love learning and exploring to see where the wind will take me!